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Kaivama: Finnish-American Excavators

Finnish-American multi-instrumentalists Sara Pajunen and Jonathan Rundman explore a shared Nordic heritage in their new folk duo called KAIVAMA. Each were born and raised in Finnish-immigrant epicenters not far from the shores of Lake Superior. Pajunen’s hometown of Hibbing, MN and Rundman’s own Ishpeming, MI are famous for vast open-pit iron ore mines, and the band’s name reflects this spirit of excavation. “Kaivama” is a Finnish word stemming from 'kaivaa:' to delve or dig.

Sara Pajunen’s skills as a violinist have earned her music degrees from the University of Minnesota and the Helsinki Conservatory in Finland. Jonathan Rundman has toured the US and Europe as a troubadour songwriter, collecting raves from publications such as Paste, Billboard, and the New York Times. These typically unrelated musical pathways intersected when both artists began experiment with the native folk music traditions of their ancestral homeland.

More info and sound samples on Kaivama's website.

Performances will be in the theater lobby on Saturday, November 20th from 4.15-4.45 and Sunday November 21 from 8.15-8.45!

11.12.2013. 19:42

Burst (ICE)

Burst is part of a series of films on dance following a seminar at the film school in Norway and which led to the project, “Nordic Dance for Camera.” The directors and choreographers come from Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. In this film, the choreographer used martial arts to stage a couple’s argument.

Director: Reynir Lyngdal Run time: 5 min

11.12.2013. 19:40

The Nail - Naglinn (ICE)

Robert is an important man with big responsibilities. One day he has an accident that blurs the border between the man and the beast within. Robert acts out and suffers the consequences.

Director: Benedikt Erlingsson Run time: 15:33

11.12.2013. 19:40

Far Away War - Annarra manna stríð (ICE)

During the invasion of Gaza in 2008-2009 by the Israeli army 1400 people were killed thereof 400 children. By the time the last cries of protest died down those names were already forgotten.

Director: Fahad Jabali Run time: 3:48

11.12.2013. 19:39

Epic Fail - Epik Feil (ICE)

Epic Fail is based on true events that happened in Reykjavik, Iceland not so long ago. It is a short film about a guy who finds himself in extraordinary situations and has to take matters in to his own hands. He puts his trust in strangers that under normal circumstances he never would have met and for sure never talked to. But when people find themselves in a situation and have to ask strangers for help, interesting things happen. We see that we are not so different after all and we should not judge the book by its cover.

Director: Ragnar Agnarsson Run time: 13:10

11.12.2013. 19:39

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